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DE PAZ TRUEBA, Yolanda Mujeres y esfera pública. La campaña bonaerense entre 1880 y 1910, Prohistoria Ediciones, Rosario, 2010, 172 pp. Prólogo de Valeria Pita - The proposed voyage in this work involves moving away from the places and experiences more widely studied as the urban centers of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba, to focus on this prosperous and also confrontational campaign buenos aires and its people. It is in this scenario that the institution family, the education of children and poor girls, the health care is transformed into key elements to make clear how certain sectors of the elite buenos aires thought the social and political stability, but also to rethink the places in which those women in these societies of campaign amounted to influence and a place of relevance collectively. The author distance of the interpretations that defined women as an object passive and helpless against the control devices and up to the last decades of the 19th century and restores experiences of women, even belong to very distant social levels, they make policy or presented before the local Justice seeking the restoration of an order that they considered altered. The book of Yolanda of Peace Trueba is an exciting vehicle that allowed to go through with other eyes a landscape that, although mapping, has never been counted in this way.